Cloud-based “Digital Signage”

vengoSCREEN is a flexible and efficient tool for visual communication that strengthens the flow of information and customer loyalty.

With our vengoSCREEN you can display information, advertising and other content in electronic form.
A major advantage of vengoSCREEN is that content can be updated dynamically and externally managed and tailored to specific target groups. This allows you to communicate your messages more effectively and improve customer interaction and brand presence. 


For the vengoSCREEN you need a screen with an HDMI connection and of course power. 


Of course, you tell us what is streamed to your vengoSCREEN.
The streaming is cloud-based and is driven by player software. This means it can be updated dynamically and from anywhere. vengo maintains the streaming and regularly checks it for updates and updates the system. Monitoring is of course constantly running in the backend.

vengoSCREEN is suitable for:

  • central menu cards
  • Price lists
  • Product offers
  • Weekly plans
  • Advertising space
  • News area