Direct Email Marketing

Emails directly to customers

Let’s be honest, the email channel is still one of the best marketing measures there is. 

  • Direct email marketing is the magic word to address customers directly and inspire them.

With personalized emails we create a unique connection to your customers and lead them directly to purchase. OK maybe first to Awareness and then to Purchase ;) 

Whether you want to promote new products, offer discounts or simply stay in touch with your customers, direct email marketing is the perfect solution.

How it works:

  • Collect email addresses:

Build an email list of interested customers, e.g. through newsletter subscriptions or competitions.
Yes, we need the customer’s consent, the OPT-IN! 

  • Segment your list:

Divide your email list into different groups, e.g. according to interests, purchasing behavior or geographic location.
Yes, language would still be important!

  • Create personalized emails:

Write emails that are tailored to the needs and interests of each of your customer groups. Be exciting!

  • Send your emails:

Use professional email marketing software to send your emails reliably.

  • Analyze your results:

Track your email open and click rates to optimize your strategy.

The advantages of direct email marketing:

  • Long range:

Email is one of the most effective channels to reach your customers.

  • Low price:

Email marketing is very cost-effective compared to other marketing channels.

  • High personalization and timing:

With personalized emails you can build a strong relationship with your customers. Timing is everything!

  • Measurable results:

You can accurately measure and optimize the success of your email marketing campaigns. Have we vengoDATA already mentioned?

Direct email marketing is an indispensable tool for every digital agency.

At vengo we help you:

  • Develop an email marketing strategy that fits your goals.
  • Create professional and engaging emails.
  • Segment and nurture your email list.
  • Track and optimize your email marketing campaigns.

Let's inspire your customers together with direct email marketing, because we all love your SPAM!