Mobile Apps (PWA)

We admit, we don’t build native mobile apps anymore.

But we are not alone. Neither are Uber, Spotify, Telegram, Pinterest! 

Mobile apps with PWA = apps without an app store!

(Unless you want to offer it in the app store)

Do you know that? You come across an interesting website and think: «The functions and the look would be perfect for an app!». With Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) This wish is now becoming reality – without any detours an app for web, mobile, TV, OS etc.

PWAs are like apps, only better! They combine the advantages of websites and apps in a single solution:

  • Intuitive use: Operates like an app, is responsive and available offline
  • App-like features: Push notifications, geolocation, access to the device camera and much more
  • No installation: Simply open it in your browser and get started – no installation in the app store necessary
  • Search engine friendly: Perfect for the findability of your offers in search engines
  • Lower development costs: Significantly more cost-effective than native apps

With PWAs we can:

  • Develop innovative and engaging mobile applications.
  • Significantly increase your customers' reach as no installation in the app store is necessary.
  • Increase your brand awareness and promote customer loyalty.
  • Conserve resources while offering modern mobile applications.

PWAs are the future of mobile applications! Offer your customers innovative solutions and secure a competitive advantage.

What can't you do compared to the native mobile app? There are a few things, so let's talk about it and we'll figure it out together.